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Marketing Manager Assessment

As requested, please find below solutions in accordance with the questions outlined within the documents provided.

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1.1 What would be your steps and recommendations for launching a new project and positioning it in the market? 


Conduct a market analysis to understand the competition, target audience, and market trends. How?

One of the most popular tools on the market is STR Global (Smith Travel Research). This tool provides data and analytics related to hotel performance, benchmarking, and market share. It's particularly useful for competitive analysis within the hospitality sector. STR is used locally and globally by the revenue team to help set commercial goals and establish your competitive set, which is essential in building your pricing and marketing strategy, as well as revenue forecasts.


On the marketing side, I use tools like Brands24 and Meltwater as online reputation management tools. They are designed to help businesses track online mentions and conversations related to their brand, and, most importantly, their competitors. This is always very helpful in shaping marketing and commercial strategies.


Create a detailed marketing plan with clear objectives, strategies, and tactics. How?

Marketing plan is a complex approach so require more time. Instead, I would like to share a case study based on a pre-opening campaign for one of my previous clients; please see it HERE. This will help you understand the tactics and approach that I am experienced with.


Develop a unique value proposition highlighting proximity to the first casino in the UAE amenities. How?

Understand your target audience, Google Trends helps a lot with that. Research other luxury accommodations in the area and understand what they offer. Identify gaps or areas where your project can excel. Identify Unique Selling Points and develop a clear and concise message that highlights the project's unique features. For example, "Experience Unrivaled Luxury and Excitement - UAE's First Casino-Adjacent 5* Hotel & Apartments." Emphasize benefits, not just features, and create an emotional connection by describing the experience guests will have. Highlight the excitement, relaxation, and indulgence they can expect. Incorporate your brand's personality. It is very important not to sell but create an emotional connection. How to utilize it? Well, use this value proposition consistently in marketing materials, the website, and promotional campaigns to create a unified brand image..


Establish partnerships with travel agencies and influencers to promote the project. How?

This is a clear strategy that a good salesperson can help with. In the UAE market, we all know each other, so finding the right person to establish connections with a travel partner would be quite easy.

1.2 What means of media would you use to market this project?

I am a big believer in Al Marjan Island; nevertheless, you need to ensure that the media channels will reach your target audience. I would divide them into two types of media: to reach the UAE local market and international markets.

Local Market 

I would target social media (primarily Instagram and LinkedIn) for online reach. For offline, I would engage with ARN ( Arabian Radio Newtork) , as they have such great reach when it comes to the local markets. I would also add some outdoor advertisements like hoarding on SZR, potentially DIFC & some particular areas in AD for branding purposes.

International Market 

For GCC markets, I would definitely engage with GCC media & influencers, with a focus on Saudi Arabia, which is still a top market to target. For the rest of the international market, I would suggest Conde Naste Traveler (not only a well-known media title but also use their travel data to drive bookings). In order to ensure that we leverage on the right travel data, I would also add Sojern as a trusted travel data provider for digital placement, I have a great proven record of lead generation campaigns for all my previous hotels with them.

1.3 What impression of the development company would you create in the market?

  • Position the company as a pioneer in luxury hospitality and real estate in the UAE.

  • Emphasize a commitment to delivering the highest standards of service and quality.

  • Showcase the company's track record of successful projects and partnerships.

1.4 What would you include in the marketing strategy and marketing social media campaign as a must?

  • Engage in storytelling to create an emotional connection with potential guests.

  • Highlight the unique features and experiences offered by the hotel and residences.

  • Utilize influencer marketing to reach a broader audience.

  • Incorporate user-generated content to build trust and authenticity.

TASK 2: Web Marketing

What changes would you make to our website?

Website looks quite good.  I would create clear and engaging landing pages for the hotel and residences and integrated  a booking and reservation system for convenience.

Which references would you use for web-mark strategy?

Research takes a bit of more time and depends on the goals. Are u planing to position yourself as development company  only or as a hospitality management group? 

What website chapters would you create?

Again, depends on the goals however i would definitely add a section "Media Featured" to ensure the company expose media mentions. That will help a lot with online credibility and building trust.


Imagine building a Marketing department and marketing strategy of the business from scratch.

What Steps would you take

  • Analysis and clear action plan

  • define the marketing budget based on the approved goals 

  • Define the organizational structure and roles within the marketing department.

  • Recruit a team executives on the junior level ( i can train ) with expertise in digital marketing and public relations and establish clear goals and KPIs for the department.

  • Engage with local communication agencies on the market 

How would your plan of actions look like?

  • Start with a thorough market analysis 

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to goals and target audience.

  • Build a content calendar for social media, email campaigns, so on

  • Execute and continuously optimize marketing campaigns.

  • Engage with local communication agency to ensure the relevant media exposure received 

  • Build network in order to help with brand exposure 

What means of media or instruments would you use?

  • Utilize a mix of digital marketing channels, including social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

  • Engage in public relations to create a positive image in the industry.

  • Leverage data analytics tools to track and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.


My Brand Portfolio 

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