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Project Management and expected deadlines 

Structure of the project 

Phase 1: Brand Positioning 

Timeline: 4 weeks | Cost: $ 6,000


Market research to be submitted in the form of excel comparison + analysis and takeout’s and will include below deliverables:

  • Primary & secondary comp set ( 6 to 8 properties ) comparison based on the below criteria: Location, Target Market, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Resort Amenities and Facilities, On-site amenities; Accommodation Options, Dining and Culinary Offerings, Activities and Entertainment, Wellness and Spa Services, Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Initiatives, Pricing Strategy, Brand Values and Messaging, Online Presence and Reputation, Market Trends and Seasonality, Marketing and Distribution Channels, Customer Service and Guest Experience, Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Brand Audit to be delivered in the form of 2-pages analysis: a comprehensive audit that includes the review of the brand's visual elements, evaluate consistency and assess whether the brand identity aligns with the brand's values and messaging, conduct Q&A sessions with architect, developer to understand if the vision of the founders is properly translated into the way consumers identify the product in the format of 2-page analysis 

  • Brand Differentiators to be submitted in in a form of 1-page analysis of UPV: Identify Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that sets resorts apart from competitors. It answers the question, "Why should customers choose your brand over others?"

  • Brand Messaging and Storytelling to be defined as positioning statement 50/10/5 words: Craft a clear and compelling brand message and story that articulates UVP in a simple and memorable way. Aligns with your brand's values and resonates with your target audience's emotions and aspirations. 


Phase 2: Defining Brand 

Timeline: up to 6 weeks | Cost: $ 20,000


A brand playbook to include a comprehensive guide that outlines the key elements of resort's brand strategy, helping ensure consistency in messaging, identity, and customer experience:

  • Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Visual Elements

  • Mission, Vision, and Values, Tagline or Slogan, Brand Voice and Tone

  • Unique Selling Proposition,  Target Audience, Logo Usage and Branding Guidelines,

  • Collateral and Marketing Materials like a detail templates and design guidelines for brochures, flyers, banners, and promotional materials, specify guidelines for digital marketing assets, including social media graphics and email templates, specify guidelines for collaborations with local businesses, influencers, or travel agencies.

  • All the source files of hotel collaterals along with brand guide and positioning document ready to use and share with internal and external stakeholders 



Timeline: up to 6 weeks | Cost: $ 10,000


Digital, PR & Communication strategies along with cost and approximate ROI from the digital channels. This include:

  • 12-month post-plan to conclude the channels and budget that we advise to allocate in order to maintain healthy occupancy.

  • 3-month month pre-opening marketing plan plan.


Pre-opening budget on campaign execution will include – just approximate:


  • $10-15k PR Fees: all depends if you wish to hire an external agencies or we do the job in-house, both options available.  We can set the strategies and lead the agency that you will suggest.

  • $10k-15k  media buying: this is a split between the direct lead generation activities, like metasearch, programatic,  digital campaigns and social media. 

  • The remaining budget for the next 12 month will be between 7% to 10% from the total projected hotel revenue - based on the industry standards for newly opened properties. 

Website + CRM selection:


  • we will work on comparison of the platforms based on the cost provided. We always suggest to go ahead with industry leaders like Sitecore for example. However ready to lead and work with ur suggestions. In the scope we include lead of the project - copy, visuals, transactional tree map set up, etc but fees for development has to be covered by the developer. If you wish us to use any of the standard CMS, this will be extra cost of $4000 for web development and integration.


Phase 4: Revenue Management

Timeline: up to 1+ weeks | Cost: $ 1,000+

This is just an option available with us. Revenue management is one of the most important area in hospitality marketing. We can offer cost $700 per 10 hour consultation. Required from 10 to 50 hours depends on the systems set up. Below are the the systems we used primary in 5 star properties in UAE:

  • Property Management System (PMS) is a software application for the operations of hospitality accommodations- $ 50,000 (Annually) + additional interfaces or Oxi 

  • Central Reservation System (CRS) is a software for rate and inventory distribution - $ 5000 (Annually) + monthly transaction fees based on booking channels.

  • Revenue Management (RMS) is a software automates the process of forecasting and dynamically adjusting room rates based on market demand and historical data - $ 40,000 (Annually)

  • Rate Shopping Tool is a software solution for Market Insight, Rate Insight & Parity Insight - $ 5000 (Annually)

  • Market Data - STR Benchmarking is the transformative hotel industry software that delivers the property- and portfolio-level insights. - $ 3000 (Trend reports), $ 2000 (Annually)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers- $10,000 (Annually)

Above are based on hospitality standards for 5* properties in UAE. There are alternatives on the market with more budget friendly cost, suitable for Botique hotels. This can be discussed covered as a part of system analysis on stage 3. 

Phase 5: Investors Pitch

Timeline: up to 2 weeks | Cost: $ 3,000

We will craft a concise and compelling pitch for the resort's fractional ownership opportunity to potential investors. 

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